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Portland Lets Cincinnati Borrow their Streetcar for a Weekend

Need some cheering up after this week’s election results? I thought so. Then head to 5th and Walnut tomorrow at 1 PM, where Mayor Mallory will officially introduce Cincinnati to a real live modern streetcar, shipped here from Portland specifically for the occasion. The streetcar will be on public display through Wednesday afternoon. Here is […]

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If You Don’t Vote Today, Don’t Complain Tomorrow

I know I’m probably preaching to the choir, but it’s worth saying anyway: If you haven’t done so already, get out there and vote. This election features a number of races that are crucial for our long-term viability as a region, particularly in regards to mass transit. For Hamilton County Commission, we have Jim Tarbell, […]

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It’s Official: Streetcar will use Vine Street

With construction of the Cincinnati Streetcar now a near-certainty, debate had shifted to which route the streetcar would take between Over-the-Rhine and Uptown. The two routes in consideration were Vine Street and Clifton Avenue, each of which has its pros and cons. On Tuesday, the City Manager released the following statement: I’m writing to make […]

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On the Air with Explore Cincinnati

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining up with UrbanCincy writers Randy Simes and David Ben for a roundtable discussion on Travis Estell’s Explore Cincinnati podcast. Topics discussed include the $25M federal grant for the streetcar project, the renovation of Washington Park, the potential conversion of Taft Road and McMillan Avenue to two-way traffic, the […]

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More Thoughts on the Eastern Corridor

Jake Mecklenborg has written an excellent piece for UrbanCincy that explains the various proposals for the Eastern Corridor commuter rail project, and proposes an alternate plan that would cost far less to operate and serve far more customers than the plan currently proposed. To summarize, the main problems with the Eastern Corridor project as planned […]

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Eastern Corridor Dispute Highlights Need for Cooperation on Transit Issues

The Cincinnati Enquirer has been covering a divide between Cincinnati and Hamilton County positions on the Eastern Corridor project.  The Enquirer article headlined, “City, suburbs feud over rail” provided only cursory coverage to an issue that reaffirms the need for coordinated transit planning in the Cincinnati region. The Eastern Corridor project, a project over a decade […]

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Streetcar News Roundup

Now that construction is almost certain to begin on the Cincinnati Streetcar this fall, talk has turned to future expansion of the system once the initial phase is up and running. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports on a plan to extend the streetcar line into Clifton, to form a transit hub at the University of Cincinnati: […]

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SORTA Adds Three New Hybrid Buses

Although the main focus of this site concerns rapid transit and streetcar service, the region’s bus system remains a crucial part of our public transit network. The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority has announced the purchase of three new hybrid buses, which will join the six hybrid buses the agency already owns. UrbanCincy has the […]

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Cincinnati Streetcar Awarded $25M Federal Grant

It’s old news at this point, but it’s worth noting here that Cincinnati’s Streetcar Project was recently awarded a $25M grant from the Urban Circulator program. This latest infusion of money means the project is now over 90% funded, and virtually assures that construction will begin sometime this fall. Check out the Soapbox article by […]

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Cincinnati Streetcar on Newsmakers

The Cincinnati Streetcar on Channel 12’s Newsmakers: Streetcar opponent Tom Luken was invited to the streetcar debate, but was unable to attend, citing “lack of transportation” to the Channel 12 studios. Insert your own punch line here.

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