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John Yung is an Urban Planner and advocate for pedestrian friendly planning. Currently the Zoning Administrator of the City of Bellevue, KY he specializes in Land Use Planning, Form-based Codes, Floodplain Management and Urban Forestry. Mr. Yung is currently pursuing a Masters Degree from the University of Cincinnati’s School of Planning.

The Health Benefits of Mass Transit

According to a recent report released by the American Public Transportation Association, public transit riders experience several health benefits including lower risk of being involved in an automobile accident as well as better fitness and less social isolation. The report concludes: That people living in transit-oriented “smart growth” communities enjoy several health benefits, not seen […]

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Eastern Corridor Dispute Highlights Need for Cooperation on Transit Issues

The Cincinnati Enquirer has been covering a divide between Cincinnati and Hamilton County positions on the Eastern Corridor project.  The Enquirer article headlined, “City, suburbs feud over rail” provided only cursory coverage to an issue that reaffirms the need for coordinated transit planning in the Cincinnati region. The Eastern Corridor project, a project over a decade […]

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