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{ Monthly Archives } August 2009

Line-by-Line Descriptions Added

It took much longer than expected, but I’ve finally gotten all of the line-by-line descriptions published. They will continue to undergo revisions as more information is added and if/when design changes are made, but they’re at a reasonable level of completion and will serve as a framework for upcoming sections regarding station typologies and designs. […]

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Just Right

The Phoney Coney has some good commentary about the tired anti-rail arguments that keep getting repeated by the predictable cast of characters.

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Cincinnati Enquirer: COAST’s Anti-Rail Charter Amendment is a “Poison Pill”

Many of us who support the proposed Cincinnati Streetcar have repeatedly shaken our heads in dismay over the Enquirer’s often one-sided and sloppy coverage of the issue. The Enquirer panders to a mostly-suburban audience, and ads from car dealerships constitute a huge percentage of their ever-shrinking revenue stream, so it’s no surprise that they’ve come […]

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