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The Enquirer Throws COAST Under the Streetcar

The Enquirer’s coverage of the streetcar has been spotty at best, and I’ve called them out plenty of times when their “news” coverage about the streetcar has veered into territory that should be confined to the editorial page. That said, it’s only fair to give the Enquirer props when they get it right. In today’s editorial endorsing a “no” vote on Issue 48, they hit the ball out of the park:

They’re at it again. The folks who brought us Issue 9 in 2009, that weasel-worded, yes-means-no proposition meant to befuddle voters into killing the Cincinnati streetcar, have reprised their antics with Issue 48.

And as with that 2009 issue, we vigorously oppose Issue 48 and urge voters to reject it.

Why? It’s broadly phrased in a way that could handcuff officials on a range of projects, not just the pending $95 million Downtown streetcar, and cause havoc for economic development in the city.

Perhaps as importantly, the Enquirer also deserves props for endorsing seven out of nine pro-streetcar city council candidates in today’s edition. These endorsements include Roxanne Qualls, Kevin Flynn, Laure Quinlivan, Chris Bortz, Wendell Young, Chris Seelbach, and Yvette Simpson. While it’s regrettable that streetcar supporter Jason Riveiro wasn’t included among the Enquirer’s list of endorsements, it was nice to see COAST-supported candidates like Leslie Ghiz and Charlie Winburn left out in the cold. It’s also worth noting that P. G. Sittenfeld — the monied favorite of the Hyde Park country club set who can’t seem to take decisive a stand on the streetcar if his life depended on it — also did not receive an endorsement.