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Battle for the Streetcar: A Marathon, not a Sprint

Some people apparently can’t take “no” for an answer. Having seen his pet cause, Issue 9, soundly defeated at the polls last year, local NAACP honcho Chris Smitherman is at it again: The Cincinnati streetcar, the controversial $128 million plan that has traveled a bumpy path from the start, faces more potential rocky spots in […]

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Want Better Public Safety? Then Build the Streetcar

Remember that time Metro Cincinnati exploited the death of a teenager in a horrific car accident to illustrate the need for fewer highways and better public transit? Oh right, you don’t remember that, because it never happened. That hasn’t stopped the usual suspects from exploiting a recent fire in Northside and looming police layoffs to […]

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Cincinnati Streetcar on Newsmakers

The Cincinnati Streetcar on Channel 12’s Newsmakers: Streetcar opponent Tom Luken was invited to the streetcar debate, but was unable to attend, citing “lack of transportation” to the Channel 12 studios. Insert your own punch line here.

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