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Typical Subway Station: Corryville

The Corryville Station is a typical 2-track, deep-bore subway station in an urban location. Located at the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Calhoun Street (map), the station serves the nearby Clifton Heights and Short Vine neighborhood business districts and the main campus of the University of Cincinnati. Orange Line trains stop at the Corryville station while traveling between Florence and West Chester. Gold Line express trains share the Orange Line right-of-way, but bypass Corryville. The nearest transfer points between the Orange Line and Gold Line are at the King Drive station, one stop to the north, and the Gateway station, two stops to the south. This station would serve as a transfer point between rapid transit service and the proposed streetcar service running on Vine Street.

The station has two entrances, one located on Corry Street just east of Jefferson Avenue, and the other located on Calhoun Street to the west of Jefferson. Each entrance falls within a site that is slated for future redevelopment, and could be incorporated into any new construction. Each entrance consists of a set of long escalators and a pair of elevators to the mezzanine level.

The design of the station is based on the geometry of the rapid transit rolling stock. The station columns are based on a 25-foot module, which matches the spacing of the train doors. The ten-degree slope of the columns matches the sloped sides of a typical train. Fare control is located on the mezzanine at each end of the station. Upon passing through the fare gates, the entire length of the station is visible to customers, which enhances security and wayfinding.

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Site Photos

Location of Corry Street entrance to the station. The site is currently a shopping center parking lot, and is slated for future transit-oriented redevelopment.
Facing west on Corry Street toward Jefferson Avenue. The Edwards Center on the University of Cincinnati main campus is visible on the right.
Future development site on Calhoun Street near the proposed Calhoun station entrance, facing east.
Short Vine neighborhood business district, near the Corry Street entrance location.

Rendering of the platform level, as seen from the Corry Street mezzanine

Site Plan

Mezzanine Level Plan

Platform Level Plan