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Transit 101: Streetcars and Interurbans

Welcome to Transit 101. In this first article of the series, we will explore the history and technical aspects of one of the most basic forms of rail transit, the streetcar and interurban, and by the end of the week, we will have worked our way up to high-speed trains that can traverse hundreds of miles in a matter of minutes.

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Cincinnati Streetcar Awarded $25M Federal Grant

It’s old news at this point, but it’s worth noting here that Cincinnati’s Streetcar Project was recently awarded a $25M grant from the Urban Circulator program. This latest infusion of money means the project is now over 90% funded, and virtually assures that construction will begin sometime this fall. Check out the Soapbox article by […]

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New Updates Coming Soon

Greetings, all… Although this site has been quiet as of late, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been making progress on the project. For the past few months my primary focus has been on putting together a portfolio for grad school applications, and although the Metro Cincinnati project forms an important part of the portfolio, updating […]

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Just Right

The Phoney Coney has some good commentary about the tired anti-rail arguments that keep getting repeated by the predictable cast of characters.

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Cincinnati Enquirer: COAST’s Anti-Rail Charter Amendment is a “Poison Pill”

Many of us who support the proposed Cincinnati Streetcar have repeatedly shaken our heads in dismay over the Enquirer’s often one-sided and sloppy coverage of the issue. The Enquirer panders to a mostly-suburban audience, and ads from car dealerships constitute a huge percentage of their ever-shrinking revenue stream, so it’s no surprise that they’ve come […]

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