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Metro Cincinnati to be Featured During ArchiNATI’s Visual Delight Presentation

If you follow goings-on in Cincinnati, then by now you should be aware of the first annual ArchiNATI festival, a week-long celebration of Cincinnati’s built environment. ArchiNATI is the brainchild of the Young Architects and Interns Forum (YAIF), a committee of the Cincinnati Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. (Full disclosure: yours truly is […]

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Monkeys on our Backs

“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’” — Isaac Asimov Once again, the alliance of extremists who brought us the failed Issue 9 campaign has demonstrated they can’t take […]

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“Cincinnati’s Incomplete Subway: A Complete History” Now Available

For the past year, Jake Mecklenborg — the owner of and a contributor to — has been poring over long-lost documents in the public library in order to tell the untold story of Cincinnati’s infamous abandoned subway system. Now, the fruits of his efforts are finally available for purchase. Here’s the description from […]

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Portland Lets Cincinnati Borrow their Streetcar for a Weekend

Need some cheering up after this week’s election results? I thought so. Then head to 5th and Walnut tomorrow at 1 PM, where Mayor Mallory will officially introduce Cincinnati to a real live modern streetcar, shipped here from Portland specifically for the occasion. The streetcar will be on public display through Wednesday afternoon. Here is […]

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TransForum Gala Tonight

Cincinnati TransForum, a collaboration between the University of Cincinnati and the Live Well Collaborative, was founded “to start a dialogue about the future of public, multi-modal transportation in Cincinnati, with a main focus of highlighting the advantages of Light Rail in Cincinnati as a means of connecting communities.” Tonight they are hosting a Cincinnati Transportation […]

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Rail~Volution 2010 in Portland, Oregon

I saw this mentioned on The Overhead Wire, and thought I’d pass it along. I’ll be in grad school at that time and likely won’t be able to attend, but if somebody goes to this and does a write-up for Metro Cincinnati, I’ll definitely buy you a beer or two when you return. Rail~Volution: Building […]

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