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Line-by-Line Descriptions Added

It took much longer than expected, but I’ve finally gotten all of the line-by-line descriptions published. They will continue to undergo revisions as more information is added and if/when design changes are made, but they’re at a reasonable level of completion and will serve as a framework for upcoming sections regarding station typologies and designs.

Still in progress: A page regarding streetcar service, which is an important component of the Metro Cincinnati transit plan (although due to their minimal infrastructure needs, there won’t be as much of a design component for streetcar stations as there will be for rapid transit stations), and some information and graphics to outline the process of how/why the particular routes and stations locations were chosen.

In the meantime, here are the rapid transit route descriptions. Click below, or use the menu to the left.

Red Line Green Line
Orange Line Blue Line
Gold Line Purple Line
Silver Line

When this portion of the Metro Cincinnati proposal complete, the focus of my work will narrow from large-scale transportation planning at a regional level, to the smaller-scale urban design and architectural issues that come into play at each station. Stay tuned.