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Rail~Volution 2010 in Portland, Oregon

I saw this mentioned on The Overhead Wire, and thought I’d pass it along. I’ll be in grad school at that time and likely won’t be able to attend, but if somebody goes to this and does a write-up for Metro Cincinnati, I’ll definitely buy you a beer or two when you return.

Rail~Volution: Building Livable Communities with Transit

Rail~Volution is, first and foremost, a conference for passionate practitioners—people from all perspectives who believe strongly in the role of land use and transit as equal partners in the quest for greater livability and greater communities.

Attending Rail~Volution is like being in the middle of a living, breathing laboratory where the best and brightest ideas are debated, researched, tested and shared — with a goal of shaping communities new and old into sustainable, vibrant, livable places.

More information.