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Young Americans Less Interested in Driving

We often discuss the benefits that come along with building quality mass transit: economic development, increased mobility, less time stuck in traffic, and better public health.  But a recent MSNBC article illustrates one of the biggest reasons we should be building rail: making sure our city is a place where the next generation wants to live. […]

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Gridlock Ensues as Mass Transit is Reduced

Anti-transit group COAST is back up to its usual routine, publishing yet another attack piece on mass transit.  But in their attempt to bash rail, COAST actually proves how necessary public transportation is. Various sources are reporting on a nationwide strike occurring in France, which is disrupting bus, rail, and air travel.  Several labor unions […]

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COAST Doesn’t Get It: Transit-Oriented Development is Real

In their latest poorly-researched attack piece, the anti-rail group COAST claims that high speed rail will destroy our residential property values and that transit-oriented development is a myth.  However, the article is based purely on anecdotes and hearsay, and lacks any factual evidence. According to a Sky News article and video referenced by COAST, homeowners […]

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