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Transit 101: Heavy Rail and Light Rail

Transit 101 is an occasional series that will focus on the history and technology of modern-day public transit systems. The current topic is a primer on the various modes of rail transit. Part I: Streetcars and Interurbans Part II: Heavy Rail and Light Rail Part III: Commuter Rail Part IV: Intercity Rail and High-Speed Rail […]

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Friday News Roundup: Fake Trolleys in Utah, and A/C on the Tube

The Friday News Roundup is a weekly series featuring a few of the top transit, rail, and infrastructure-related news stories of the week. Be sure to follow @MetroCincy on Twitter to receive links to transit-related news articles and blog posts throughout the week. Harrah’s has been named as the operator of Cincinnati’s new casino at Broadway […]

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We Don’t Need a Wiremobile. We Need Leadership.

The past couple weeks have brought us a flurry of futuristic, fanciful-looking mass transit ideas in the popular press. First, there was that straddling bus proposed in China: Public transit in a metropolitan area is all about balance; if there aren’t enough public transit options, too many people choose to drive, clogging roadways and adding to […]

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WMATA Awards Contract for 7000-Series Railcars

Followers of the Metro Cincinnati project might be interested to know that the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority has awarded Kawasaki the contract to build 428 new railcars, which will be known as the 7000-Series: Last night, Metro awarded a contract to Kawasaki, to manufacture the new 7000 series rail cars, which will replace the 1000 […]

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