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Progress Report

lego_const_workerThis is a quick update to let you know what’s been happening with the project and to give you a heads-up about some new sections to the site that I’m putting together.

First of all, I recently spent a much-needed weeklong vacation back home in Cincinnati. One of the highlights of the trip included meeting local bloggers Randy Simes, Jake Mecklenborg, the Provost of Cincinnati, Sherman Cahal, Travis Estell, and a few others for drinks on Fountain Square one night. Randy was also kind enough to meet up for drinks and give me a brief driving tour of the city the day before. It’s nice to meet up with people who share a passion for the city and its infrastructure, and who are doing what they can to make the city a better place. I took many photos during the trip, and they’ve been posted here.

Now that I’ve been back in NYC for a few days, I took advantage of the three-day Independence Day weekend to finally put together a system map and diagram map of my proposed rapid transit system. These are still works in progress and several more maps and diagrams are also in the works, but these form the foundation upon which the rest of the project will be based. I’m currently working on a route page for each line that will include station locations and descriptions, and those pages should be online within the next few days.

I realize it’s bad form to publish a blank web page that says “This page is under construction”, but I’ve found that it’s impossible to set up the page hierarchy on WordPress without having placeholder pages in place. Keep in mind that this entire site is a work in progress, so don’t be surprised to find some pages with minimal content or that undergo major changes within a short time span. Your patience is appreciated.

Continue watching this space for ongoing site updates, and your feedback is always welcome.